OZELYS could be written "Aux hélices", "propellers" in French. Propellers, which surround us on an everyday basis, are something we hear vibrating on the tarmac. They drive our creativity and motivation to serve you ever better.

OZELYS also contains the French word for lily, "lys", the queen of flowers, whose symbolism is multi-faceted. It blooms throughout the world and evokes travel. Did you know that it was used to indicate a northerly direction on the first navigation charts?  This botanical element contrasts with the grey of the tarmac and the technical subjects that we work on.

Our colours evoke our universe: Klein blue is an ultramarine blue, representing escape; grey brings us down to the tarmac, marvellous machines and noble metals.

The logo includes all of these symbols. The propeller tips are the N and Z of Nizet.

In OZELYS, there is
OZ, like the wizard
LYS, like the queen of flowers
Z, like zinc, zephyr, zenith, zeal, zoom, buzz...

and propellers!


It's the propeller, the holy propeller--a famous mathematician told me once--that will carry us up into the air; it's the propeller that pierces the air like a gimlet goes into wood, carrying with it, for the first, its engine, and for the second, its handle. Nadar, Manifesto of aerial automotion.