Senior Consultant in Blue




Senior Consultant in Blue


Blue is so important for Ozelys, we needed a colours expert! We found our man, by spotting in his home (easy, it's on the coffee table) an... encyclopaedia of blues! His favourite colour ? The Klein blue! As evidenced by the favicon of his website. Irish, Berliner by adoption, a graduate of the Limerick School of Art & Design and holding a Master in Interactive Medias, he is Senior Product Designer. Artist and curator, he has exhibited in New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Copenhagen, Dublin and Berlin.


  • Favourite aeroplane: F-16 Falcon. It is in a sticker album from when I was a kid. I got to sit in one at an air show and it just stuck in my memory.


  • Most memorable trip: New York 2019, because I got engaged there on a rooftop in Brooklyn at one in the morning.


  • Never without: A big thick dusty old book with some missing pages. A book I grew up with, by someone called J. Greig Pirie, with great images of some of the most famous old master paintings.


Yves Klein's blue, like the most interesting visual art, goes somewhere that words can't.