Based at Paris-Le Bourget, Europe's premier business airport and showplace for the world's largest air show, Ozelys is at the heart of the aviation and tourist sectors.

Ozelys is based in the prestigious Astonsky Terminal. It has two aircraft hangars, a panoramic lounge bar and VIP areas with all the French-style services.

Ozelys is located on the 3rd floor of this flagship, with a panoramic view over the runways, the control tower, the French Air and Space Museum Ariane rockets, with the Eiffel Tower on the horizon.

The agency is a cosy area, decorated in a somewhat "OTT" style, with an aviation and travel theme. Propellers, flight instruments, luggage, globes, all sorts of aircraft parts, a collection of tea--it's our little home from home.

Virtual tour of the Terminal

A reference point, an oasis surrounded by tarmac where our clients and friends like to meet up with us for work sessions and networking.