Aéro-Design is a brand for furniture, decorative objects and jewels made from aircraft parts. We pilot press campaigns for product launches and create specific visuals and texts for the two associates, Agnès Patrice-Crépin and Florence Ramioul. #UpcyclingBecomesArt

Aerotec is an aircraft modification workshop based at Toulouse-Blagnac. We are currently producing and shooting two films on some particularly complex projects: the full conversion of two Beechcraft 200 and two Beechcraft 350.

Apache Aviation is a professional aerobatics team operator (Martini, Ecco, Adecco, Breitling) on Albatros L-39. With a fleet of 6 Epsilon TB-30, the sister company Apache Aviation Training & Services is launching a UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) training service for professional pilots. Ozelys is in charge of PR and is involved in business development, through our network of business aviation operators.

Catherine Maunoury is twice world aerobatics champion, president of the Aéro-Club de France and former Director of the French Air and Space museum. Ozelys is her press agency, we organise her appearances and contact in the media and are engaged in projects and events she's supporting, such as airshows. Ozelys is also official partner of her Extra 300.

Clair Group, founded by Charles Clair, includes four companies: Astonjet, a business aviation company based at Paris-Le Bourget; Astonsky, a business aviation terminal inaugurated in 2019; Astonfly, the premier private flying school in France based at the Toussus-le-Noble campus, and Astontec, a maintenance workshop. In February 2020, Clair Group has been named " leader of growing businesses in the aerospace and naval industry" by Les Echos, with a 257% growth. We manage the Group's PR. #BeAstonished

Edeis is an engineering group and operating group for twenty airports (Cherbourg, Le Havre, Reims, Troyes, Auxerre, Bourges, Dijon, Dole, Chalon, Annecy, Aix-les-Milles, Nîmes, Toulouse-Francazal, Tarbes, Tours, Angers, Vannes, Mayotte, Saint-Martin), ports (Saint-Malo) and railway stations (Petit Train Touristique de la Mure, Lourdes Pic du Jer) in France. They entrust us with specific graphic design projects.

The Fédération Française Aéronautique oversees the 600 flying clubs in France and co-organises air sports competitions with the World Air Sports Federation. For the 3rd time, Ozelys has been the media agency for the World Aerobatic Championships, held at Châteauroux from 22 to 31 August 2019. #WAC2019

Meaux Airshow is organising its 4th event on 28 June 2020 by honouring the fighter pilot Normandie-Niémen group, the French pilots engaged on the Russian front during World War II. A replica of a Yak 3, the Patrouille de France and the AerosuperbaticsWingwalkers are scheduled to appear. 30,000 visitors are expected, with 100 aircraft, 5,000 m2 of stands, 5 hours of free shows, on a site like the airfields and air shows of yesteryear. Ozelys is responsible for PR in France. #MeauxAirshow2020

SAFETYN designed the Safetyn Box, an onboard device to improve flight safety. It accompanies the private pilot, in real time in flight with assistance technology focused on human factors, and on the ground with a debriefing function and self-briefing, ensuring ongoing training using scenarios in simulators and in virtual reality. Ozelys produces the company's advertising visuals, draws up its action plans and organises a tour of flying clubs around France for Safetyn in 2020.

Le Salon des Formations et Métiers Aéronautiques (Aviation Training and Business Fair), organised by Aviation & Pilote magazine, takes place twice a year, at the end of January at the French Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget, and in September at the Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse. The Fair attracts sixty exhibitors, schools, training centres, and companies from Europe and around the world, and French military recruiters are also represented. Ozelys handles the advance PR and deals with journalists during the event.

Total is the leading aeronautic fuelling company in France, Europe and Africa, with 12 million tons sold in 2018. Leisure and business aviation, airports and airlines: each customer receives a range of services adapted to their needs. Worldwide, Total supplies 280 airlines through 300 airports. 2,500 refuelling operations are carried out daily, half of them in France. Ozelys is the PR agency for the Aviation Division and undertakes various other consulting, editorial, graphic design, copywriting and marketing missions. #CommittedToBetterEnergy

A subsidiary of the Airbus, Safran and Suez groups, TARMAC Aerosave is the world leader in aircraft storage, transition, maintenance and recycling. Its three sites in Tarbes, Toulouse-Francazal and Teruel in Spain can accommodate 300 aircraft. In 13 years, TARMAC has handled 900 and redelivered 590 aircraft and dismantled 175 aircraft and 135 engines. Ozelys launched its publicity campaign in 2015, set up European, American and Middle East trade exhibitions and now manages the PR, social networks and design-writing for this innovative group. #TransitionExpert

VallJet is one of the main French business aviation companies, with a fleet of 15 Cessna Citation, Hawker 800/900 and Embraer 145/Legacy 600 type jets, based in Paris-Le Bourget and Nice. Ozelys is currently a consultant for VallJet.