Owner & Founder


Pascale NIZET

Owner & Founder


A graduate of EFAP, the French School of Press Officers, Communications Director of a business aviation group before founding Ozelys. A globetrotter, like her great-great-great uncle Arthur Rimbaud, an aviation enthusiast, she is the author of two books. 

She manages the business aviation, helicopter and industry accounts.


  • Favourite aeroplane: the DC3, for its cute look and square windows. And the Constellation, for its propellers. And the Corsair. And Falcon bizjets. And...


  • Most memorable trip: Argentina. A continent-country where the aeroplane is essential! From the Amazonian jungle to glaciers as high as buildings via Patagonian deserts and the charms of Buenos Aires… And, such fine gastronomy!


  • Never without: my Ray-Ban.


Business aviation taught me about rigour and customer satisfaction in all circumstances.