Professional press officers who graduated from the best known school in the business, we have refined an in-house method to approach media, enriched by our knowledge of how journalists work, a database updated daily over 15 years and a subscription to an international database.

We maintain close relations with journalists and are able to quickly mobilise a network in a new sector of the media.

Beyond simply sending press releases via a database, we identify precise targets and personalise our approach based on the preferences of journalists. We treat them as clients: responsively and efficiently.

Unlike promotional material, PR is an information vector. Our press releases and our message must be perceived as such. Our role is to inform journalists clearly and to help them better do their work, in handling the subject and in the field. This is why we have gained their trust.

Ozelys is recognized for its efficient support during TV production: TV news, special programs, portraits, documentaries, flagship programs such as "Télématin", "Des racines et des ailes", etc.

Ozelys is a member of the Association des Journalistes Professionnels de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace (AJPAE).


PR is not an exact science but is the best means to make your company credible. This requires know-how. And time!