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22-28 July 2024 : Elixir Aircraft exhibitor at EAA Air Venture (Oshkosh).

24-27 September 2024 : Expliseat exhibitor at InnoTrans (Berlin).

12-14 October 2024 : Elixir Aircraft exhibitor at Portugal Air Summit (Ponte de Sor).

22-24 October 2024 : TARMAC Aerosave exposant exhibitor at MRO Europe (Barcelona).

05-07 November 2024 : Elixir Aircraft exhibitor at European Airline Training Symposium (Cascais).

03-04 December 2024 : Elixir Aircraft exhibitor at Green Aero Days (Toulouse).

31 Jan. - 02 Feb. 2025 : Elixir Aircraft official partner of Salon des Formations et des Métiers Aéronautiques (Paris-Le Bourget).

21-22 February 2025 : Elixir Aircraft exhibitor at Pilot Expo (Berlin).

08-10 April 2025 : Expliseat exhibitor Aircraft Interiors Expo (Hamburg).

09-12 April 2025 : Elixir Aircraft exhibitor at Aero Friedrichshafen.

16-22 June 2025 : Elixir Aircraft and TARMAC Aerosave exhibitors at Paris Air Show.


TARMAC Aerosave (update 25 April 2024)



5 July 2024 Elixir Aircraft recruits Marc Douton as Director of Customer Support. 

4 June 2024 TARMAC Aerosave appoints José Moliner Site Director at Teruel (Spain).

30 May 2024 Expliseat signs a purchase agreement with Jazz for the seats of its Air Canada Express Dash 8-400 aircraft.

28 May 2024 Expliseat unveils the TiSeat 2X, the new seat for the Air France Embraer 190.

14 May 2024 TARMAC Aerosave appoints Christian Ceruti as Chief Commercial and Development Officer.

18 April 2024 Elixir Aircraft moves forward with European ATOs.

17 April 2024 Elixir Aircraft opens two new sites in Europe and USA. 

8 April 2024 Elixir Aircraft to open new US facility in Sarasota (Florida).

21 March 2024 Expliseat, manufacturer of Air France's Embraer 190 new seats.

18 March 2024 TARMAC Aerosave and ATR strengthen partnership for regional aircraft recycling.

27 February 2024 Elixir Aircraft closes financing for the next 5 years with a budget of 40 Millions euros.

19 October 2023 TARMAC Aerosave extends its partnerships with Safran Aircraft Engines and Safran Nacelles.

18 October 2023 TARMAC Aerosave doubly accredited by AFRA.

14 September 2023 TARMAC Aerosave celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Teruel facility.

20 June 2023 Boom Supersonic Announces Significant Overture Program Advances 

20 June 2023 TARMAC Aerosve returns 1000th aircraft to service

31 May 2023 Expliseat inks partnership with Jazeera Airways becoming launch airline for its TiSeat E2 seat for the Airbus A320 family.

27 April 2023 TARMAC Aerosave, Airbus and the City of Chengdu establish Airbus Lifecycle Services joint venture.

25 April 2023 Expliseat is raising €17 million and set up a factory in Angers (France)

19 April 2023 TARMAC Aerosave and Donecle sign a drone aircraft inspection agreement.

27 April 2022 TARMAC Aerosave inaugurates an engine shop in Tarbes.

8 April 2022 Ryanair chooses Astonfly to recruit 500 pilots

21 March 2022 TARMAC Aerosave launches massive recruitment campaign for its 3 European sites

18 January 2022 TARMAC Aerosave partners with Airbus to launch an aircraft life cycle management service in China.

7 January 2022 Alexandre Brun takes over from Patrick Lecer at the head of TARMAC Aerosave.

18 November 2021 TotalEnergies Is the First to Provide a Permanent Supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in France at Paris-Le Bourget Airport.

20 October 2021 Astonjet adds a Falcon 7X to its fleet of private jets.

1st October 2021 Decarbonization of Air Transportation : Air France, TotalEnergies, the Métropole of Nice Côte d’Azur and Nice Côte d’Azur Airport carry out a Nice-Paris flight fueled with 30% Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

20 Septembre 2021 Helipass and Embraer's Eve eVTOL program, Eve Air Mobility, partner to expand UAM operations in France and beyond.

14 June 2021 Diehl Metering launches a unique IoT Network Planning Service

19 May 2021 HYDRUS 2.0 BULK: Diehl Metering’s first ultrasonic bulk meter

18 May 2021 Air France-KLM, Total, Groupe ADP and Airbus Join Forces to Decarbonize Air Transportation and Carry Out The First Long-Haul Flight Powered By Sustainable Aviation Fuel Produced in France.

27 April 2021 Frédéric Denise appointed EVP Commercial at TARMAC Aerosave

23 November 2020 Astonfly organises its first live from its campus.

1 October 2020 Total is investing more than €500 Million to convert its Grandpuits refinery into a zero-crude platform.

16 June 2020 TARMAC Aerosave opens 4th site at Paris-Vatry.

2 June 2020 Total and Gaussin Developing World's 1st Full Electric Aircraft Refueller Transporter.

14 May 2020 TARMAC Aerosave in the front line for aircraft storage - Situation update.

7 April 2020 Jetfly and its clients commit to providing over one hundred flight hours to transport frontline care professionals and medical equipment around Europe. 

19 November 2019 TARMAC Aerosave innovates in A380 dismantling and maintenance.

18 October 2019 The Astonsky Terminal is now open at Paris-Le Bourget airport.

1 July 2019 Breitling ends sponsorship contract with Apache Aviation.

19 June 2019 Apache Aviation Training & Services signs first contract with Astonfly ATO for UPRT training.

19 June 2019 TARMAC Aerosave and Regio Lease sign a memorandum of agreement.

18 June 2019 Airshow to mark the centenary of the national Air and Space museum of France.

17 June 2019 Astonfly school presents its campus at the Paris Air Show.

14 June 2019 TARMAC Aerosave unveils new cutting machine for aircraft recycling.

15 April 2019 TARMAC Aerosave launches a large-scale recruitment campaign.



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